Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to Deal With Road Rage

I live in the Bay Area and we have this terrible strip of hell called the Nimitz freeway. It runs from San Jose all the way down to Oakland. If you are lucky enough to be on this freeway during rush hour, you can expect to go no more than 10 MPH. Receiving the thanks-for-letting-me-in finger is a daily occurrence. I hear horns being honked so often I ignore them.

One of the best things to remember when dealing with road rage, is that the person who is trying your patience, may be doing something that you yourself were once guilty of. Most of us can say that at one time or another we have driven a little too fast, a little too slow, merged a bit too early or a bit too late. Don't judge others for something you were once guilty of.

What if you are the one offending someone else. Take the high road, politely wave or do whatever the custom is in your area, to say "I'm sorry" and let the person pass. It takes a bit of humility to do this. The ROI is good however. You will have lower blood pressure and a more relaxing drive if you simply let things go. What is to be gained by getting angry? Nothing.

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